High-Resolution Images

High-resolution images are the cornerstone of successful marketing. TeliportMe supports the highest resolution content with zero compression. Our plans have a maximum resolution of about 32K which means you never have to worry about blurry images again. Every image is crisp and clear, just as it should be, which means better-looking Virtual tours.

HD Green Screen Videos

With HD Green Screen Videos, you can take your virtual tour to the next level. Our technology enables you to create an immersive experience for your customers, by blending in clips or animations into your 3D tour with just a few clicks. The green screen videos can be filmed with the highest quality equipment to give you the best possible visuals. This unique feature will give your virtual tour an edge over your competitors.

Embed Video Links or HD Videos

Want to tell stories about your products while showing your customers the goods in detail? We offer the best 360º views on the web, including embedded sounds & videos. With an innovative embedding feature that does not require knowledge of HTML coding, you can embed photos, videos, sounds, floorplans, 360º videos, and 3D photos into any website - without any technical knowledge. We also allow for customization on the frame so you can personalize your story.

Password Protection

Virtual tours that are password protected can work wonders for your projects. If you want to show a client a preview at different stages, this is a great way to do it. When the project is finished, you may choose to share it publicly, but until then it's best to keep it password protected. This way, nobody can view your sensitive content.

Background Music

Adding relevant music can be a great way to connect with the visitor and often create more engagement. You can play relaxing music in the background or play informative audio about the location while a person takes the tour. Besides adding specific audio to specific media elements, you can also have common background audio that plays during the whole virtual tour.

Polygon Content Hubs

Why struggle with a point-and-click interface? Say goodbye to the days of wasted time with the Polygon Hotspot. Just click around the object to create the shape, and the clickable area is drawn automatically. The Polygon Hotspot lets you get up to 100% more clicks! You can get more conversions easily by adding hotspots to shapes and making them more interactive. Simply click around the object to create the main nodes, and the clickable shape is drawn automatically for you. With this shape, you can now present your customers with interactive infographics, image galleries, and slideshows.

Magic Embed

Magic Embedded panoramas are an emerging trend in image-based storytelling, combining both the immersive experience of 360 panoramas with the accessibility of 2D videos. They're like an interactive photo or video that can be embedded anywhere, making them perfect for storytelling as they seem to be a part of the 360 panoramas themselves. The future of immersive storytelling is here with these animated panoramas which will make you feel like you're really there inside the scene.

Customizable Welcome Screen

Having a proper business welcome screen that contains many different areas helps your customer to jump from one point to another in a given location and can include detailed floor plans, which give the viewer full control of their own walkthroughs because they are fully interactive.

TeliportMe provides connectivity between panoramic images and offers the viewer a virtual tour, which jumps to a higher level and offers the possibility to include other types of media within the tours as well.

Custom Domain or White Labeling

Your virtual tours should be as unique as you are, a personalized domain is the perfect finishing touch to your tours. Let us help you set up a custom domain that will make visitors want to explore. With a custom domain, you'll have a sense of identity and your tours will be easy to find on any search engine.

Virtual Host

A Virtual host can be added to tours that improve its engagement, the virtual host helps the customer navigate through the virtual tour. This works similar to a tour guide in a museum, TeliportMe has built all the finer controls that allow you to seamlessly integrate Avatars into a virtual tour. The avatar can be displayed at different positions on the screen, from the top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom right. You can also specify a preferred position and after that position, the avatar will appear from a random side or rotation.

Side by Side Comparison

TeliportMe's Split and Twin features let you compare panoramas from different cameras with the same settings, or compare before and after panoramas with ease. Easily line up two panoramas side by side and drag the divider smoothly to see the sides as you wish. Our easy-to-use features make it easy for your viewers to pick and choose what panoramas to compare.


The future is here. Engage customers on a deeper level by offering your products in a virtual store that has all the features of a physical store, but none of the overhead costs. For a seamless customer experience, a virtual store is a way to go. It offers a fluid and interactive experience for customers, just like a typical web store But it also lets them feel as if they are in the physical store, which makes them more likely to buy from your company.


From MUSEUM, ART, STORES. you can experience the fully virtual tours with a narrator who can assist the customer throughout their tour and best of all use advance payments.

Increase your monthly sales up to 80%. Automatic payments, insurance, and a unique 360 virtual tour experience.

Quick Screenshots

Since our software is compatible on all platforms the screenshot option allows you to save a specific image and share it with your audience instantly. you will save a lot of time and you will not need any additional extensions on your dashboard.


Capturing a 360-degree view of a room is great, but it can be hard to orient yourself. With Floor Plans, you can display a map on the floor of space and point out what's inside. It's an easy way to show your clients or friends exactly where everything is in the room, and it even comes with interactive hotspots that allow people to move around.

Smart Tags

On our platform, you will find the option of tagging using artificial intelligence. Tagging videos manually can be time-consuming. However, the smart tags feature in your virtual tour will add tags to video assets. This reduces the time for DAM users to deliver rich experiences to their customers.


Make your virtual tour look great with Custom Skins! Skins are the frame of your virtual tours. It can include stickers, buttons, text boxes, and logos that "float" on top of the tour. Make your virtual tours look great with Custom Skins! Our skins are designed to be responsive so they work great on all devices, whether desktop or mobile. You can even use our own custom themes.

Lead Generation

Stop wasting time and money on marketing your tours. Add a call-to-action button to your virtual tour and start generating leads immediately! Use the power of online marketing to that a lead generation campaign that converts prospects into customers. Generate more leads with a single click by embedding a call-to-action button on your virtual tour. Connect the button to all of your CRM tools by using our Zapier.


n-built analytics will save you from the time and costs associated with website traffic analysis, so you can focus on what matters: your tour and business! View data about everything from visitors and exit points to bandwidth and page loading. The integrated analytics module gives you all the statistics you need to know about your tours without having to pay for a separate service.

Chatbot Integration

Live Chatbots are one of the most powerful marketing tools to help with customer service, sales, and lead generation. Allow them to chat with the live chatbot that automatically pops up when they enter. It allows them to ask questions and it replies in real-time. Chatbots are also natively integrated with WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, allowing customers to use their preferred chat platform for the fastest response time.


Custom hotspot icons

Add images, audio, videos and fully customize the look and feel of your tours. You can customize the experience of your tour.

Unlisted & Private Tours

Do you need to share 360 photos privately with clients or co-workers? Post unlisted or private tours and and share them only with people you choose.

Custom branded + MLS friendly

Use our world class editor to easily share or embed tours and with your logo on them. We also support share in a chromeless player as required by MLS

World class support

We are here to help you if you have any issues anytime. We will answer your queries within 24hours. We provide support through email & phone.

Unmetered Disk Space & Bandwidth

No limitation on the amount or size of files directly pertaining to your virtual tour, nor do we cap on data transfer.

Free Training Webinar

The business upgrade comes with access to 3 indepth training webinars which will take your from 0 to 100 at photography and creating virtual tours

Virtual Reality player

Experience 360 photos in Virtual Reality on their mobile devices directly from your page. Supported on Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR, Android and iOS.

Supports all 360 cameras

Use any 360 camera or DSLR to capture your images and upload them. Our software will take care of the rest.

Shareable everywhere

The virtual tour created can be shared anywhere using a public link including your social media channels with custom thumbnails.


Like a Youtube video; our virtual tours can be customized and embeded on any website. If your website is built on Wordpress, Squarespace or Wix.

Choose a more versatile and powerful tool.

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